July 25, 2011

Hello Beautiful family!!!

Here is my 24 hr update:

I LOVE IT HERE! The end. You guys are all that’s missing.

So what have I done since I arrived yesterday around noon? Welp.  I came to the hotel and nearly went to sleep, but then I realized I’d wake up at like 9pm, so I decided to get food instead. The hotel is extended stay so there’s a kitchen and stuff, but no continental breakfast, which means I had to get groceries. Unfortunately, the hotel is located along a strip of highway (along with a long line of other hotels), and while there is a shuttle and a bus line, neither of them run on Sundays. So I had to walk to the nearest minimart…which was like half a mile away, but it felt like forever. I stocked up on the essentials: choco-tacos, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, cereal, milk, and poptarts.

Then I went back, ate dinner and finally went to sleep.

I took a day trip to LA!!!!!!
I wanted to check out the apartments ( I went from 2 to 4 potentials, and now I’m back to two because they’ve been rented so quickly), but one property manager isn’t available until Wednesday for one, and the other called me back like 5 minutes ago.
SO I took the opportunity to hop on the train and see some sites!
I took the train and the ride was amazing. 2 hrs of beach. Beach beach beach. it was glorious.
We passed Santa Ana, Oceanside…wonderous towns

LA is so beautiful. Hollywood was also gorgeous..I didn’t have time to look for the sign, but I will next time!

Things that are the same:
Homeless people
EXCEPT you can’t really tell they’re homeless until they ask you for money. No smell. No tattered clothing.  Honestly by California’s standards, I probably look homeless.

crazy people…they’re the same everywhere

Things that are different:
everything else.
People wave to the train as it passes by. WAVE TO THE TRAIN! I mean…who does that? LIke, grown people, kids, teens, doesn’t matter, all along the coast they smile and wave.
One crazy girl flashed the train…I threw up.

the landscapes are insane. Mountains. Palm trees. Every road leads to the beach. Huge colorful houses-the architecture here is AMAZING.

So much more to say, but I shan’t take anymore of your time. I’m hongre and you’re probably asleep. But I wanted to let you all know that this is the place for me. fo sho.

Love you all!
Can’t wait til you come visit!!!!


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