September 6, 2011

Just came in the mail about 20 minutes ago. I really enjoy my expression of genuine disgust. I hope you do too.

So as you all know by now (since you just saw the picture), I got my license.
My co-worker Laura let me borrow her car for the test, so she came with me. She said she was watching my expression as I sat in the car after the test and she saw me put me head back and cover my hands with my face so she thought I failed. That was actually me saying ‘oh my God I can’t believe it’ to the instructor.
So I gave Laura the thumbs up and went inside to do some paperwork, came back out and we got in the car to go to work. As we start driving I go “So how should I play this Laura, should I do the ol’ ‘pretend I failed’ bit’ for the rest of the people at work?” (I was thinking of you Titi Mayra, I loved your response by the way!) and she was like “Oh… sorry…I texted everyone already” I cracked up. Two of our co-workers were on vacation that week…she texted them too…HA!

So that’s one story.

The next is that I got another opportunity to be on Glee! the TV show. Can’t tell you much about the episode, but I can tell you that my boss let me take a day off and thought it was so cool that he said I could do it whenever I wanted to since they don’t call too often. Needless to say…I will continue submitting.

Also, I got cable and internet two days ago and I love it so much that I moved my bed to the living room. Please don’t judge me. I’m in love with my bed and my I was like..what better way to live life than to enjoy them both at the same time?

And finally, today it rained. It never rains here. But it rained. For about 55 seconds, there was a downpour.


One thought on “September 6, 2011

  1. I’m just SO excited for you! Now, we can take a road trip!!!! YAY!

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